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The SAP platform is a powerful and functional foundation for building business systems dealing with enterprise management, customer relations management, and process automation in major Russian and international companies. RAMAX International has experience in implementation of SAP-based business solutions in various industries.

The SAP platform is a powerful and functional foundation for building business systems for enterprise management, customer relations management, and process automation in major Russian and international companies. SAP ERP implementation ensures successful growth and long-term development of your business and retention of leadership on the highly competitive market.

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RAMAX International has experience in SAP-based implementation of business solutions in various industries. All leading consultants of the company have over five years of experience and have hands-on experience in SAP functionality. The competence of the company specialists is focused on the key solutions implemented in SAP products, such as: MySAPBusiness Suite, SAP for Retail, SAP for Aerospace & Defence, and SAP BI. Extensive working experience in major projects and involvement of certified PMI managers allow:

  • A 1.5–2 fold reduction in time spent on preliminary services and agreement of the statement of work.
  • A decrease in the work load of customer’s staff at all stages of implementation while ensuring maximum efficiency of work management.
  • Reliable estimates in relation to time and resource expenditures for all stages of the project and ensuring project completion in due time.
  • Ensuring effective interaction of the customer with project sponsors, notifying them in good time about the progress on the project, risks, and measures taken to alleviate them.

RAMAX International offers a full range of services to support SAP-based solutions, including a telephone help desk, remote help desk, and specialist visits to the customer’s site. Creation of a map connecting SAP subsystems with business process steps helps us to determine the SLA terms properly, taking into account how performance of any process impacts business efficiency.
Experience in SAP implementation and maintenance at the sites of major customers has enabled us to develop a method for performing acceptance tests that allows us to check the performance of new versions and configurations before they are transferred to the production environment, with optimum requirements for time and resources. The method uses a temporary working environments in a private cloud, facilitating a reduction in company expenditures for support of the test environments.
Outsourcing of SAP maintenance allows the company to:

  • Increase user satisfaction by enhancing service standards.
  • Decrease expenses for information system maintenance.
  • Reduce risks related to sickness/resignation of key specialists.
  • Seamlessly and in due time complete projects that require the involvement of additional resources for configuring SAP-based solutions.
  • Optimize hardware resources used by SAP while ensuring that the level of solution performance and availability is maintained.
  • Ensure a full and up-to-date description of the configuration being used.
  • Ensure availability of an efficient plan of information recovery in case of emergency.

RAMAX International provides audit services and optimizes the customer’s SAP-based solutions. Audit and optimization activities allow the customer to:

  • Ensure efficiency of recovery after a failure.
  • Ensure conformance of data calculation and collection methods set by SAP configuration to user expectations.
  • Increase the staff work efficiency by fine tuning the work place parameters for each role.
  • Increase process efficiency by optimizing automation tools.
  • Ensure information integrity and ensure that no internal fund is connected with incorrect settings of SAP security systems.
  • Reduce expenses for SAP maintenance by optimizing the scope of the licenses in use.

RAMAX International has extensive experience in successful creation of custom projects based on SAP infrastructure solutions. The full development cycle ensures consistency of the solutions offered and seamless support of critical business processes. The company’s experience includes creation of integration solutions, mobile applications, and systems implementing complex business logic for information flow processing.

Experience in SAP implementation